Agribusiness & Food Consulting


Defining a Strategy for an Agrochemical Company to Leverage its Seed Research Capabilities

The client, one of India's largest agro-chemical companies which had recently acquired a seed company, requested UC to define a strategy to leverage its seed research capabilities

Benchmarking Cost and Identifying Cost Optimisation Opportunities for a Global Commodities Player for its Refined Edible Oil Brand in India

The client was a manufacturer and retailer of a refined edible oil brand in Rajasthan and Western UP. The company's top management wanted to evaluate cost saving opportunities in areas of processing, packaging, and selling and distribution ...

Defining an Overall Logistics Strategy Encompassing both Domestic and Export Logistics for an Indian Agrochemical Player

The client, an Indian agrochemical player was involved in research, manufacturing and distribution of agrochemicals and specialty chemicals across the globe. The company is internally handling both the inbound and outbound logistics (both within Indian boundaries and exports) and was plagued by the following issues