Defining a Blueprint for the Growth of an Oil Manufacturing Company


The client, primarily engaged in the business of manufacturing and sale of coconut oil, mustard oil and sesame oil had sold its flagship brand to a multinational and was now subcontracting for them. The management wanted to develop three independent business areas:

  • A subcontracting unit for the multinational
  • Exports of oil and other products
  • Renewed thrust on its filtered oil business and develop new brands for mustard and sesame seed oil.

The company wanted a systematic assessment of the operations and identification of areas for improvement to streamline its operations, realign its people and implement the right technology. As a result, UC was requested to develop a blueprint for the company’s future growth.

Our Approach

To develop the blueprint for growth for the client, UC adopted the following approach:

  • In the first phase, UC conducted a diagnostic review and identified the following key areas that required to be redesigned:
    • Procurement process
    • Sales and distribution process
    • Organisation structure
    • Job Description and KPIs
  • In the second phase, UC reviewed, redesigned and helped implement the above processes, including the following:
    • Assisted in implementing/ communicating the above
    • An operations review was done at the Hyderabad factory
    • Helped the company to define its vision, and the core values and communicated the same to all the employees
    • Defined a detailed Information Technology functionality requirement
    • Evaluated and assisted the client in shortlisting the vendor for their IT implementation.


The client received a well-defined blueprint to align its organisation for the expected growth in the future.