Driving Sales Growth and Profitability for a Leading Biotechnology Research Based Agro Inputs Company


The client, a leading biotech research based agro inputs company engaged UC to develop a growth strategy across its business divisions with the following considerations in mind:

  • Debt free models
  • Minimum upfront investment
  • High focus on the bio inputs division
  • Mitigation of monsoon risk.

Our Approach

To develop a growth strategy across the client’s business divisions, UC adopted the following approach:

  • Conducted a detailed analysis on industry trends, customer dynamics, in-depth channel analysis, competition analysis across all of client’s business divisions
  • Identified opportunities in existing businesses in the following areas
    • Value chain opportunities
    • Product opportunities
    • Diversification opportunities.


The client got a detailed perspective on channel reclassification for the crop protection business and initiatives at a product level to drive the growth of crop protection, bio inputs and aquaculture business segments. The client also received a clear articulation of growth paths for the hybrid seeds business division and opportunities in the rural healthcare segment. An implementation plan to drive revenue growth along with top-line estimates was also developed.