Associate Consultant

MBA's fresh out of business school or having recently received a Masters degree (non-MBA) are considered for the post of Associate Consultant. However, 1-2 years of prior work experience would be relevant to joining UC as an Associate Consultant.

Associate Consultants are an integral part of an engagement team and play an active role in all aspects of an engagement including conducting interviews, organising and conducting research, building analytical frameworks and presenting results of work to the client and senior colleagues at the Firm.

Associate Consultants take on significant responsibility, report directly to the project manager, have the opportunity to work in teams and yet be able to shine as individuals.

Over a period of 3 years, Associate Consultants mature into assuming the role of a Consultant, subject to, the individual having demonstrated the skills required to develop and maintain an effective and professional client consultant relationship, advanced levels of analytical and technical skills, and an established track record for high quality performance.