Automotive Consulting


Creating a Performance Evaluation System and Operationalising the Organisation Structure for an Auto and Industrial Rubber Component Manufacturer

The client was engaged in the manufacturing of automotive and industrial rubber components largely for OEMs and after-market clients. They had been growing at greater than 30% per annum in the last five years and top management believed that the growth rate would continue for the next few years

Organisation Review for an Automobile Castings Company

The client, an auto castings company, did not have clearly defined visions and values. It had poor profitability of and an under-utilisation of capacity due to high downtime at the Shell core shop (bottleneck). There were high rates of rejection for its products as compared to the industry standard. They had high inventory levels due to non-moving inventory and an absence of stocking norms

Landscaping the Material Handling Equipment Market in India for a Leading Indian Automotive OEM

The client?s auto and farm equipment business had a small presence in the material handling segment in the form of the ?Forklift? business. The client was interested in assessing the entire ?Material Handling Industry? in the country, and developing an understanding of each of the individual segments within the industry with a focus on product segments that primarily comprised of operator driven motorised vehicles that are mobile

Identifying Niche Opportunities for a Leading Indian Automotive OEM in the Earthmoving Equipment Space

The client, a leading Indian Automotive OEM, believed that there were potentially many earthmoving applications across different types of projects for which either proper equipment were not available or not being used due to various reasons. There existed a potential to tap these niche opportunities and the client engaged UC to identify the potential for niche earthmoving equipment based on a detailed application study

Landscaping the Indian Earthmoving Industry

The top management at a leading Indian automotive OEM was considering an entry into commercial equipment segment. They wanted UC to evaluate the potential of entering the segment with a key focus on products such as backhoe loaders, excavators, cranes and dozers

Aligning the Organisation to its Vision Statement for a Leading Roller Bearing Company

The client was a leading needle roller bearing manufacturing company that was looking at aligning its operations to achieve its vision of becoming a billion dollar company by 2020. The top management engaged UC to address the following

Market Assessment for an off-highway Tyre Manufacturer wanting to enter the North Indian Farm Tyre Market

Our client was involved in the business of manufacturing an extensive range of ?off-highway? tyres for agricultural, industrial, construction and earth moving applications, primarily for export markets. The company had focused on an innovation strategy, constantly finding profitable niches and servicing them. Since 1988, the company has moved from the OEM centric market for two wheelers and jeeps, to the replacement market for LCVs, to its present focus

Assessing the Evolution of the Mobility and Transport Needs of an Emerging Economic Hub/ Location

The client was in the business of delivering products and solutions for the commercial vehicle segment. Increasing road connectivity was expected to spur economic activity in locations/ zones and this would lead to increased transportation needs in such locations. The client wanted to understand the evolution of commercial vehicle

A Leading Tyre Company wanted to assess the Market Standing of a Potential Chinese Acquisition in the China and US market

The client, a leading tyre manufacturer, was evaluating whether to acquire a Chinese tyre company that had presence in the Chinese and US markets. The client wanted to understand the market standing of the company in these markets

Identifying Potential Acquisition Opportunities for a Rubber Component Manufacturer

The client was a rubber component manufacturer, primarily catering to the commercial vehicle segment in the domestic and export market. The client did not have any presence in the passenger car segment and wanted to build new customer relationships and capacity to cater to the same