Building Materials & Products Consulting

The Indian construction industry is an integral part of the economy and is the largest beneficiary of the investment surge in infrastructure. It is poised for growth on account of industrialisation, urbanisation, economic development and people's rising expectations for improved quality of living.

UC has covered a wide spectrum of management issues and has worked across a range of sectors within the building products and allied industries. Our clients in the segment include companies having interests in construction and building materials, tiles and sanitary ware, plywood, etc.

Recent illustrative engagements include designing the India entry strategy for a Middle East based player in the fa�ade fabrication segment, assessing the market and developing business strategy for a ceramic tile manufacturer, assisting a leading plywood manufacturing company in improving sales organisations effectiveness and more.

Practice Areas

  • UC has deep industry expertise helping leaders within the building products and heavy materials sectors to capitalise on trends and focus on high-potential growth initiatives. Our extensive knowledge of builders, contractors and channels enables us to develop credible and relevant market insights that lead to actionable results. We develop winning strategies that help build and reinforce leadership positions for our clients
  • A reputed Middle East based player in the facade fabrication segment wanted to enter the Indian market. UC provided the client a deep understanding of market dynamics in India and a definition of the India entry strategy along with a five-year business plan
  • UC assisted a leading plywood manufacturing company in improving its sales organisations effectiveness. UC aligned the sales incentives with the company's strategic goals and reorganised the sales team to start working as a cohesive unit. The key account management system helped in providing higher level of service to key customers
  • UC conducted a freight cost optimisation study for a leading player in the tiles industry. UC optimised freight costs through identifying and implementing cost optimisation opportunities across import, inbound and outbound costs and defining a process to reduce in-transit breakages. The engagement resulted in savings with a bottom line impact of 15%
  • A leading tile manufacturer in India was facing problems with an increase in logistics costs and in-efficiencies in the operations. UC designed the distribution network, defined current and future space requirements based on impact of palletisation and network design and assessment of 3PL service providers to evaluate outsourcing of warehousing and transportation. With UC's help, the client benefited with a reduction in warehousing space requirements, in domestic and ocean freight and in breakages.

  • With the rapidly developing landscape of Indian construction and real estate sector in commercial, industrial, retail, residential segments the derived demand for building products and materials has witnessed a 3-4 fold multiplier effect. Our work in this area has helped clients to know which customer segment to focus on and the suitable business model it should adopt to make sound economic sense in selling the products.
  • Building products and materials grew between 12-17% depending on the category since 2005 and experienced a slow down since 2009 up to 2012. In 2013 the players saw a mixed picture in the growth and the margins they made. We believe that in the medium to long term, this sector will continue to grow reasonably well in the near future due to three main factors. These are urbanisation, upgradation and upscaling of the inventory of dwellings in the 40-50 metro, tiers I, II and III in India. Our work indicates that this sector is large enough to call for fresh investments; the range and depth of SKUs in this category are undergoing fast change and yet much more remains to be realised. We have helped clients in building market models on growth, segmentation, local and regional portfolio planning of its products, channel management, defining the business models and identifying the newer categories of products and services which India is likely to adopt
  • A sealant manufacturing company was facing stagnant turnover and declining net profits along with no clearly defined vision. They had numerous issues within their operations and management. UC conducted a diagnostic review of the firm and prepared a corporate and business unit strategy for the business. UC determined the areas in which the client should seek dominance and designed an organisation structure and a performance evaluation system. We made recommendations during a four month corporate strategy engagement and a two month organisation design engagement
  • UC designed a corporate strategy for a heavy engineering company with a presence in diverse business segments. The company was not able to maintain its leadership position and the top management wanted to critically evaluate its business portfolio. UC assisted in identifying the businesses that should be focused on for investment and growth and recommended a portfolio and attractive investment and diversification opportunities.

Case examples of our work

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