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Assessing the Market and Developing Business Strategy for a Ceramic Tile Manufacturer

The company was a market leader in floor tiles and was highly profitable with a plant located in the west, one of the largest markets. A general recession and excess capacity in the floor tile industry had a negative impact on the profitability and market share. The top management felt that it was imperative to define a business strategy not only to address the erosion of profitability and market share

Designing an Engagement Management System and Creating a Blueprint of a Design and Tiling Company

The client setup operations for implementing large scale projects in the UAE after a decade of experience in the trading of building materials. The growth of the organisation

Identifying a Technology Alliance Partner for a Heavy Engineering Company

The client was a leading heavy engineering company. An earlier corporate strategy defined by UC resulted in a clear need for technology acquisition for two of its key divisions - the boiler division and the cement machinery division - to be able to remain competitive and address a larger market.

Operations Review for a Sanitary Ware Product Manufacturing Company

The client, a sanitary ware product manufacturing company faced the following problems

Defining the India Entry Strategy for a Reputed Middle East Based Player in the Fabrication Segment

The client was a leading player in the fabrication market in the Middle East, with interest in aluminum extrusion segment. As part of expansion plans, and sensing an opportunity in India, the client wanted to validate the market attractiveness and define an India entry strategy.

Freight Costs Optimisation for a Leading Player in the Tiles Industry

The company, one of the top three in the tiles segment, witnessed rapid growth. Being a distribution led business, the transport costs had spiraled over the past few years and inefficiencies had crept in. The top management of the company aimed to optimise the transport costs, which would ultimately impact the bottom line directly. Hence, the top management asked for assistance in

Developing Growth Strategy for a UAE Conglomerate which Manufactures Steel Billets, Reinforced Bars and Welded Mesh

The client was involved in the manufacturing of steel billets, reinforced bars and welded mesh which was mostly used by the construction industry. They were facing scarcity of raw material (scrap) due to increased global demand for the same, thereby impacting their production. With the revival of the steel industry and soaring prices there was a boom in steel demand. This mainly occurred due to the growth in construction activities. In this context the client requested UC to define a growth stra

Entry into the Indian Infrastructure/Energy, Procurement and Construction Space

The client was a leading player in the pharmaceutical industry, and wanted to enter the infrastructure sector in India by becoming an energy, procurement and construction (EPC) player. At the same time the client was also open to any niche business opportunities, peripheral to EPC work in the in the infrastructure domain

Dealer Survey for a Ceramics Tile Manufacturer

The company was looking to strengthen its distribution network to face increased domestic competition and the threat of imports. It wanted to conduct a small pilot study of its dealers and sub dealers with a view to determining the following

Aligning Organisation to the Strategy for a Diversified Heavy Engineering Company

The client was a heavy engineering company. Based on the strategy defined by UC in 2006 coupled with robust growth in the heavy engineering space in India, client witnessed a phenomenal growth in turnover in all its industry vertical. However the number of organisational issues as mentioned below impacted the sustainable growth rate