Supporting an Insurance Knowledge Process Outsourcing Firm in Addressing Growth Challenges


The client, a knowledge process outsourcing firm (KPO) was a joint venture between one of the top five insurance brokers in the US and a leading finance Business Process Outsourcing Firm (BPO) in India. The KPO believed that the organisation had a set of challenges that it needed to address in its pursuit of growth, such as the quality of service with relation to the on-going relationship with it’s US partner. Although the company had lots of data, it did not provide an integrated perspective on the overall performance and no analysis was done to identify issues or ways to improve the operations.

Thus, the top management requested UC to create a flexibility in defining scope of work along the way. They requested UC to work with them on an on-going basis to manage these challenges, identify areas of improvement and design and implement these changes.

Our Approach 

  • To identify areas of improvement and to design and implement these changes, UC first conducted meetings and analysed data available within the organisation to identify challenges and chalk out approach for corrective action. We then analysed challenges within each project and recommended changes in the areas of organisation re-design, process re-design and management reporting. We piloted recommendations and modified recommendations, where required and planned for full scale migration to the changed structure, process and reporting systems.


The client received a listing of the opportunities to expand the scope of what the company does. UC suggested value added enhancements to the services being provided.