Aligning the Organisation for a Conglomerate in the U.A.E

Background and Challenge

The client is a conglomerate based in U.A.E, having presence in diverse businesses like steel, power, polyethylene and environment services. The top management was looking at addressing the following key strategic questions to help them align organisation with strategy:

  • What should be the overall corporate philosophy of the organisation?
  • Is the organisation properly structured across business lines to achieve the targeted growth?
  • Does the current performance management system and compensation strategy adopted, attract and retain the right talent?
  • Are the key metrics being captured in the current management information system (MIS)?

Approach and Recommendations

UC suggested changes to the client based on the steps below:

  • Gained insights into the current and future strategy of all business lines, developed a ‘strategy map’ and understood the needs of the organisation
  • Defined the overall corporate philosophy that needs to be adopted based on external as well as internal factors
  • Conducted detailed primary and secondary research across the globe to gain insights on organisation structures of companies in similar business lines and also other conglomerates
  • Defined a detailed organisation structure at a corporate/ strategic business unit level and the career progression for key positions detailing time frames and promotability criteria
  • Prepared job descriptions, job profiles, key performance indicators/key result areas for each designation
  • Defined a performance evaluation system and conducted compensation benchmarking to recommended a future compensation strategy
  • Conducted a review of the current MIS and IT systems and recommended an evaluation of a “business intelligence software”
  • Instituted a formal “monthly review meeting” between the top management and SBU personnel.


UC gave the client strategic suggestions on how to align the organisation with strategy.