Assisting a Private Equity Firm in the Decision to Inject Funds in an Acquired Aluminum Formwork Manufacturer


The client, a large private equity firm had acquired an aluminum form work manufacturing firm. It requested UC to assist in providing insights on the aluminum form work market in India and other key markets to develop a market model for near (1/2 – 1 year) and medium-term (2 – 3 years) time period.

Our Approach

To conduct a strategic diligence of the aluminum form work market in India for the client, UC adopted the following approach:

  • Conducted discussions with real estate industry experts, developers and builders, government officials and aluminum form work users
  • Identified the levers for the growth of Indian real-estate market, which included demand and supply side analysis and government impetus
  • Evaluated other technologies for form work and identified the usage of aluminum formwork
  • Identified 6 key cities as geographical market for aluminum form work based on the application of aluminum form work of high rise residential building. Forecasted the demand for aluminum formwork in near and medium-term time period
  • Acknowledged other budding technologies and its impact on the aluminum formwork market
  • Landscaped the competitive dynamics
  • Carried out the SWOT analysis on competitive set in India based on the key purchasing criteria of the customers.


The client received an independently developed market model in near-term and medium-term future which also identified the key risks from the competitors.