Assessing the Market for Mobile Storage/ Shelving Systems in India


The company was a manufacturer of mobile storage/shelving systems (MSS) based in Denmark and operated in other developed markets like UK, USA, Sweden, Norway and Germany. The company intended to actively target the Indian market by setting up a domestic manufacturing/ sourcing base. However, they wanted to assess the market potential of its target industries in India before committing to the Indian market. The company thus requested UC to assist them in analysing the market and its potential in India.

Our Approach

UC’s analysis of the market and potential in India involved the following:

  • Defined research objectives for business and prepared a long-list of application segments
  • Conducted primary research across application segments and respondent categories (end users, influencers and competitors) and analysed the following:

    1) Market size of target application markets and growth prospects

    2) Awareness about MSS

    3) Storage requirements and current storage solution

    4) Factors influencing purchase of MSS

    5) Trends towards outsourcing of data management

    6) Preferred communication channels etc.

  • Identified priority application segments based on primary research feedback and conversion probability
  • Estimated market potential for the priority segments


An understanding of the market dynamics viz. market size of various application segments, current solutions available in the market, and factors influencing purchase.