Assisting a U.S. Based Financial Major who wanted to enter the Indian Insurance, Asset and Portfolio Management Space


The client was a U.S. based financial major who wanted to evaluate entry into the insurance, AMC & PMS space in India. The client also wanted to assess the various distribution models that could be adopted for a potential entry.

Our Approach

To assist the U.S. based financial major, UC adopted the following approach:

  • Estimated the size of the market and its growth trajectory
  • Commented on the key demographic, socio-economic, fiscal, regulatory and other trends affecting growth
  • Assessed the role of public and private sectors in serving the customer’s retirement, life assurance protection, investment and long term care needs
  • Analysed the distribution structure currently in play and the evolving models
  • Analysed the landscape as to who makes the purchasing decisions, how advice was provided to consumers etc.
  • Provided insights into the basis of competition in the market and how this might change. Landscaped the competitive environment and profiled the experiences of key domestic and international players
  • Commented on the pre-requisites for success in the Indian market
  • Prioritized products for further study in phase 2 of the engagement


The client received a clearly articulated entry strategy with key targets, milestones and penetration timeframe. Competitive landscape along with profiles of key domestic and international players was mapped.UC’s recommendations were accepted and the client proceeded with implementation.