Review of the Indian Biotech Landscape to Understand Outsourcing/ Contract Manufacturing Opportunities in India for a Geneva based Venture Capitalist


The client was contemplating options of investing in the Indian biotechnology industry vis-a-vis the European and Asia-Pacific biotechnology Industries. UC was given a mandate to study and highlight key trends in the following:

  • Indian biotechnology industry
  • Canadian biotechnology industry
  • Australian biotechnology industry
  • Israeli biotechnology industry
  • European/ Swiss biotechnology industry
  • American biotechnology industry
  • Biotechnology industry in Singapore

Our Approach 

UC studied the global biotechnology industry trends under the following heads:

  • Services segments that includes contract manufacturing, contract research and genomics
  • Healthcare segment encompassing drugs, vaccines diagnostics and drug therapy
  • Agriculture segments that includes biopesticides, biofertilisers, hybrid seeds, plant extractions
  • Industrial segments that includes industrial enzymes, fermentation products and polymers
  • Environmental segments comprising air pollution and control, waste management, consulting and engineering, process and prevention technologies, water and wastewater management
  • Studied the nature of finances and alliances globally.


UC delivered a study and listing of the key trends in the biotechnology industries in the requested countries or continents across the world.