Developing a Blueprint for Growth for a Leading Auto Design House


The client had a presence in the following business lines: Advisory/ consulting to leading auto companies in India and internationally, concept and prototype design and development of products, customised styling of automobiles - normally LCVs, manufacturing, marketing and distribution of styling kits for Indian vehicles, and trading of other accessories. The company had a tremendous brand value and expected to touch a Rs. 100 Cr turnover in a 3 year period and therefore the client’s immediate priority was to grow the organisation so that it could capitalise on the market potential. The client requested UC to “develop a blueprint for growth” for the proposed expansion.

Our Approach 

UC took the following steps to deliver an expansion strategy by which the client could tap into the markets potential:

  • Conducted a ‘Vision and Values’ workshop to assist in defining the vision and values for the organisation
  • Prepared a business plan and defined standard operating procedures for key business processes
  • Developed and monitored the ‘Master Production Schedule’ to control the production activities. A complete codification structure for raw material, WIP and FG was defined. The costing for key products was also conducted
  • Prepared and monitored cash flow statements on an ongoing basis and defined the organisation structure, including profiles of key personnel and performance evaluation system
  • Assisted in setting up manufacturing infrastructure in Mumbai and Gujarat by evaluating equipment providers for the plant and assisting in the preparation of the necessary documents for acquiring the regulatory clearances.


Based on UC’s recommendations, the organisation was able to align itself with its stated strategy. UC created a ‘vision and value system’ for the organisation and streamlined the key processes such as operations, production, cash flow management, human resource management and performance appraisal.