Competitive Benchmarking for the Cosmetics and Perfumery Division for a Leading Glass Container Manufacturer


The client, a leading manufacturer of glass container for the cosmetics and perfumery industry has made in-roads in the international market and is considered to be an established global player in the multinational companies mass, low mass, cosmetics and nail polish segment. However, the top management believed that it must be sensitive to its changing environment such that it is able to take strategic directions in terms of customer, technology and internal resources alignment. Thus, the client turned to UC to track and understand the global competition and recommend them changes, if required.

Our Approach 

To analyse the competition for the client, UC adopted the following approach:

  • Conducted in-depth secondary research and interviews with the key players, internal employees, industry experts and customers
  • A detailed perspective about the competition was provided on the following areas -

    1) Market Size and Sales Mix

    2) Manufacturing Footprint and Infrastructure

    3) Plant Operations and Processes

    4) Customer Interface Process

    5) Financial Performance

  • Analysed the change in competitiveness from Chinese and Far East players in the last two years based on the following key areas -

    1) Energy cost

    2) Labour cost

    3) Rate of foreign exchange

    4) Export subsidy

    5) Freight to Europe

  • Defined the following initiatives to be discussed with the internal team for implementation -

    1) Changes in the plant processes

    2) Re-organisation of the marketing team

    3) Training and knowledge management.


The client received a clear understanding on the addressable market size and its global market share. The potential opportunity for the client to approach the unknown customers was also discovered. An implementation plan to act on the various initiatives defined by UC was obtained by the client.