Conceptualisation of a Knowledge Management Strategy for a Telecom, Software and E-Commerce Company


The client, a telecom, software and e-commerce company had an accelerated growth in its businesses through acquisitions. However, the client faced the following challenges along with its growth:

  • Deployment of a decentralised ?business model? to service clients across the globe
  • Synergetic business opportunities evolving amongst various business units
  • Lack of adequate knowledge sharing across the business units, leading to a duplication of efforts
  • High attrition rate across businesses
  • Absence of adequate information technology support to manage core business processes
  • Absence of adequate systems to manage skills sets and resources across the business units
  • Local initiatives taken at a business unit level without an organisation level perspective

The client requested UC to conceptualise the knowledge management strategy for the company.

Our Approach

To conceptualise the knowledge management strategy for the client, UC adopted the following approach:

  • Understood the key processes of each business unit
  • Understood and documented key knowledge requirements
  • Identified seven business to manage key processes across the business units
  • Identified technology to develop the required applications. Recommended Microsoft technologies to build the knowledge management solutions
  • Reviewed and recommended the hardware and networking requirements to support the knowledge management strategy
  • Selected system implementers to develop and implement the strategy
  • Prepared detailed cost estimates including cost of software , hardware and professional charges
  • Prepared the detailed plan to implement the strategy
  • Developed the organisational arrangements to support the knowledge management activities
  • Implemented ?Body of Knowledge? (version 1.0) as a centralised repository capable of searching, categorising and publishing key knowledge from each division
  • Assisted in the implementation of resource allocation and a skills set management software


The client received a detailed implementation plan for the knowledge management strategy.