Conducting a Detailed Study of an American Banks Alliances


A predictive analytics company, founded by one of the world’s leading complexity scientists, was seeking assistance in developing an overview of alliances made by an American Bank with ‘deal companies’ targeted towards mass customers using its cards. The client engaged UC to conduct a detailed profiling of the bank's key alliances in the US and Europe and provide a market feedback as to how the new alliances were received by various stakeholders, early experiences of consumers and major friction points in the system.

Our Approach 

To conduct the detailed study of the bank's alliances, UC identified the key alliances and performed a detailed study on the following:

  • Mechanics of the alliance
  • Target audience for the alliance
  • Key drivers of the alliance and how these feed into value to individual stakeholders
  • Intrinsic advantages and limitations of these alliances and how these impact the eventual success/ failure of the alliance
  • Adoption rates of each of the alliance platforms along with analysis of past and present initiatives and future plans
  • Detailed segmentation of key marketing initiatives for each of the alliances and the resulting effect on customer adoption
  • Aggregation and segmentation of customer opinions on each of the alliances and comparison across platforms.

UC also did an analysis on the usage of alternative platforms (‘push’ based) and their effect on the overall success of the alliance.


The client obtained a realistic assessment on how these alliances work, who they target, whether they were successful or not (and why). It understood the intrinsic advantages and disadvantages of different operating models and their acceptability in the market.