Corporate Strategy

  • With the ever increasing competition for a share of the customers wallets, developing the right corporate strategy is crucial for the success of products. UC works closely with clients to help align the product with the right customer segment. We provide analysis and perspective on the delicate balance that companies need to maintain between finding the profitable niche segments and addressing the high volume mass market. Using our industry knowledge, we are able to highlight the addressable market for existing and new products. We also provide effective go-to-market strategies that are easy to execute and provide competitive advantage to our clients. We provide product / customer strategies in industries such as ophthalmic lenses, footwear, medical equipment, cables and many others
  • Created individual product strategies for four products for one of the largest producers and distributors of fresh yeast, bakery ingredients, flavors and seasoning in India. We conducted extensive analysis to provide the client a clear view of the market size of key segments their products served and growth potential for each, and key success factors and competitive landscape across segments
  • Created a go-to-market strategy for a leading global laminate player in the High Pressure Laminates (HPL) market. We created summary snapshots for individual product segments and identified salient macro trends and drivers likely to impact them, assessed customer segments, and developed a go-to-market strategy for high priority segments based on four key elements of product, price, promotion and placement.