Creating an Entry Strategy for a Record Management and Relocation Company


The client, a leading record management and relocation company wanted to enter the logistics sector. The top management requested UC to guide them with a clear direction as to which segment to enter and what their entry strategy or model should be.

Our Approach

To form an entry strategy for the client, UC adopted the following approach:

  • Landscaped the logistics sector covering the entire spectrum of warehousing, transportation and services and the sub-segments within each

    1) Defined a framework to shortlist segments

    2) Shortlisted and prioritised three key areas for entry

    3) Defined the entry model/strategy covering -

    Asset intensity

    Location presence

    Alliances/tie ups

    Value proposition etc.


  • Prepared detailed financials for a five year horizon, including the capital investment required for each element


The client received a detailed understanding of the port and the analysis of the different job activities resulted in identification of the following: