Defining a Growth Strategy for a Leading Multi-Purpose Engine and Portable Generator Manufacturing Company


The client was the pioneer in manufacturing multi-purpose engines and portable generator mechanical products. It had forayed into electronic products – manufacturing inverters and trading in offline UPS and stabilisers. Improving power scenarios in cities and bigger towns had impacted the demand of portable genset. The client's organisation had been facing multiple issues related to product, channel and organisation. As a result, market share had dropped and the top line remained stagnant. The top management wanted UC to help them with the following:

  • How the company can regain market share in the existing product portfolio and improve their top-line and bottom-line
  • Other growth opportunities the company can address, leveraging its people resources, current manufacturing infrastructure and existing channel synergy.

Our Approach

UC understood the issues facing the organisation and the manufacturing constraint at its plant and conducted extensive primary research to:

  • Understand market dynamics and identify growth opportunities
  • Determine competitive intensity – domestic players and imports
  • Establish strengths and weaknesses of the client
  • Develop retention and share gain initiatives for core products

    1) Improvement in product and packaging quality

    2) Defined after sales service model

    3) Rationalised dealers and distributors across the country

    4) Defined a promotion strategy

  • Provide recommendations for market positioning

    1) Tie-ups with multiple consumer finance companies

    2) Alliances with Chinese partners

    3) Promotion of generators with alternative fuel

    4) Exiting from non-core products

  • Projected financials and concluded that limited growth was possible utilising existing manufacturing facilities under the expected market scenarios
  • Recommendations for opportunities in adjacent markets

    1) Higher range of engines

    2) Global sourcing hub for engines

  • Made recommendations for opportunities in new lines of business

    1) Two new products to venture

  • Defined the strategic road map for the client.



Deep understanding of the market dynamics and a draft of a marketing and growth strategy supported by an aligned organisation, as well as a capability development agenda.