Developing a Growth Strategy for a Leading Telecom Group


The client's group did not have clearly defined visions, missions and core values. There was an absence of a clear business strategy, leading to frequent changes in product lines confusion and uncertainty about the future of the organisation and an absence of a core business line to sustain the organisation. Large turnkey projects being executed by the wireless division were poorly managed and were barely profitable. There was an absence of planning systems to manage the antenna manufacturing process and material requirements, which led to production delays and poor capacity utilisation. There was a lack of a clearly defined organisation structure with clear roles and responsibilities. The systems and processes varied significantly from those of the other group companies. The client asked UC to address these issues and create a growth strategy for the group.

Our Approach

In order to address the client's concerns and to form a growth strategy, UC took the following steps:

  • Conducted a workshop to define the vision, mission and core values
  • Developed and communicated the business strategy
    • Prepared detailed business plans, including market size, revenue and profitability projections for the current and proposed business lines
    • Recommended an exit from the land mobile radio retail business, and to increase the focus on the land, mobile, radio (LMR) projects business and VSAT projects.
    • The company has bagged some of the key projects in the country, such as for the Disaster Management Systems for Maharashtra State (LMR and VSAT networks) and emergency communication systems for the railways
    • Order booking for both divisions increased by over 100 percent
  • Defined project management systems to enable proper monitoring, control and implementation of large wireless orders so as to enhance the profitability
  • Developed a planning system to track antenna production, enable timely procurement and increase capacity utilisation
  • Defined the organisation structure and job descriptions for key positions
  • Initiated the transfer of processes and systems from other group companies to the company


UC delivered a growth plan to the client, and made suggestions on ways to overcome the issues the group was facing.