A Diagnostic Study of Joint Business Opportunities for a Telecom Company and an E-Commerce Company


The two clients, Telecom and E-Commerce companies saw broadband as an emerging market space that could be addressed by a combined entity and could be formed based on the synergies between the two organisations. The clients decided to form a team consisting of their own representatives and requested UC to conduct a diagnostic study and answer the following

  • Clearly define the market space in terms of potential and business opportunities
  • Define products and services that the combined entity could provide, to address the market space
  • Determine the operating model for the entity to be formed

Later, the clients would decide on the modality of the relationship between them.

Our Approach

To conduct a diagnostic review for the client, UC adopted the following approach:

  • Conducted primary and secondary research on the broadband industry
  • Defined the broadband value chain
  • Defined the existing media industry structure
  • Analysed the trends of the media alliances formed as broadband/li>
  • Analysed the existing players (providers of content, cable, portals) position to reap broadband rewards based on the following parameters -
    • Broadband content aggregation
    • Customer aggregation
  • Defined major opportunities in interactive services and interactive content
  • Identified the exact capabilities that each party could bring to the table
  • Defined the organisation structure and the manpower plan
  • Defined the startup costs
  • Prepare the startup implementation plan
  • Recommended the relationship the two companies should proceed with regard to the venture


The clients received a detailed understanding of the broadband industry, areas the two companies could enter in together and a business model to execute the venture.