A Diagnostic Study on the Conceptualisation of an Online Shopping Mall


The client was considering an exploratory venture in one of its divisions. It requested UC to assist in conceptualising an online shopping mall and the organisation plan and infrastructure required to support it and assist in the initial implementation.

Our Approach

To study the conceptualisation of an online shopping mall, UC adopted the following approach:

  • Conducted background research on online shopping malls
  • Outlined the overall concept of the mall in the form of a presentation containing the following parameters -
    • Defined vision of the portal
    • A brand (name/image coinciding with the vision)
    • Target audience
    • Value proposition for customers/ stakeholders (reasons for visiting, being part of the community)
    • Outline of the content that will appeal to the target audience
    • Associated services to compliment the main content
  • Prepared a high level implementation plan
    • Implementation steps
    • Timeline
    • Organisation structure
    • Initial costs
  • Assisted in the initial implementation
    • Shortlisted and selected the web development partner
    • Met credit card companies to tie up payment systems
    • Met the logistics companies to set up a delivery mechanism
    • Meetings with potential tie-ups.


The client received a detailed understanding of what an online shopping mall requires. UC also delivered an implementation plan that detailed the financials and the organisation structure required for set up. UC initiated the implementation for the client as well.