Building an Effective Organisation for an Interior Designing Company


The firm was primarily well known for design innovation in interior designing for residences, corporate offices, retail stores and restaurants. However the firm was facing the following issues:

  • No formal reporting relationships
  • Flat organisation structure
  • No clear career path for employees
  • Absence of standard systems and procedures such as project management systems, human resource polices and performance evaluations systems.

These issues led to the following challenges:

  • Absence of development of second line managers
  • Poor leverage on the chief designer’s time
  • Project cost and time over-runs
  • High attrition rates.

The client requested UC to build an effective organisation for its company.

Our Approach

To build an effective organisation, UC adopted the following approach:

  • Identified and analysed key issues impacting the organisation such as business process, organisation design, people, practices and policies etc.
  • Defined standard operating procedures involving design of standard checklists, templates, reports etc. to facilitate better quality and efficient delivery of services through standardisation
  • The process design involved providing solutions/ methods for the following -
    • Site survey checklist for thorough site measurements
    • Comprehensive requirements assessment through questionnaire guidelines
    • Better site and project monitoring through weekly meetings
    • Better quality management through quality management process
    • Better cost and time management through centralised contractor and vendor management
    • Better client, cost and time management through a change request and management system
    • Smooth project handovers through project closure and handover process
    • Better quality management through client feedback forms.
  • Designed the organisation structure, compensation strategy, performance evaluation system and human resource policies to meet the strategic objectives.


The client obtained a detailed restructuring within its organisation and strategic objectives for better growth and sustainability.