Defining Entry Strategy for an Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment Company in Finance and Accounts Outsourcing Space


The client was India's foremost player in the electronic bill presentment and payment industry. They were largely executing electronic payments through the electronic clearing services (ECS) offered by the RBI. The client was interested in entering the F&A outsourcing domain as a service provider due to synergies with existing business lines. Top management requested UC to assist them in defining entry strategy in F&A outsourcing.

Our Approach

To create the entry strategy for the client, UC adopted the following approach:

  • Conducted internal interviews with top management to understand the current product/ services offered and existing synergies with F&A services
  • Conducted extensive research on the international and domestic F&A outsourcing landscape to study the evolution of the industry and key players
  • Profiled and segmented key F&A service providers
  • Sized the addressable market potential for each opportunity
  • Defined capability building agenda for each opportunity
  • Defined a risk mitigation plan by recommending inorganic growth for specific short listed opportunities


The project provided the client with clearly articulated opportunities in the F&A outsourcing space along with a capability building agenda. UC’s recommendations were accepted and the client proceeded with implementation.