Evaluating the Feasibility of a Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMax) based Wireless Internet Broadband Services for the Retail Segment in Mumbai


The client wanted to evaluate the launching of wireless broadband services through WiMAX technology in emerging markets like India. The client wanted to validate the assumptions which would drive the demand for broadband services in India, and specifically in a metro like Mumbai.

Our Approach

To validate the business concept, UC adopted the following approach:

  • Validated the key data points for the following -
    • Fixed wire line, PC and cable TV penetration
    • Broadband penetration
    • Competitive intensity in broadband, mobile and internet markets
    • Regulatory perspective on spectrum availability, licensing and usage
    • Set-up cost of network infrastructure (urban, semi – urban and rural).
  • Analysed the impact of different broadband technologies, players and set-up costs relative to WiMAX
  • Developed a perspective on the likely evolution amongst existing players with respect to different broadband technologies
  • Analysed the strategies of different players who are currently piloting WiMAX across India including the following details -
    • Value chain presence
    • Existing network infrastructure
    • Distribution channels
    • Future plans.


Considering the competitive intensity, spectrum availability and cost advantage of offering WiMAX based broadband services, UC recommended the client to study multiple cities in order to conclude on the potential of launching the WiMAX based broadband service.