Evaluating the Opportunities for the Growth of the Internet in India for a Software Company


The client, a software company, re-launched its product early in the year. The company received very positive response from its key customer segment of insurance agents. However, due to the rapidly changing regulatory environment in the insurance sector, the top management requested UC to evaluate opportunities that could be exploited in the following areas:

  • Distribution of insurance products
  • Area of software technology for the insurance sector
  • Internet space to distribute the insurance products

Our Approach

To exploit the opportunities for the growth of the Internet in India, UC adopted the following approach:

  • Studied the key global trends to understand the regulatory changes in the insurance sector in various countries and its impact on the existing companies
  • Studied the global trends to assess the impact of the internet and related technologies on the financial services industry, in general, and the distribution of insurance products and services, specifically
  • Studied the evolution of offline models, online models and market make models as they have emerged in the US
  • Studied the consumer trends to understand the purchase of products over the internet in the US and other major regions of the world
  • Studied key regulatory changes taking place in India and its impact on the distribution channel for insurance products
  • Studied the trends emerging in order to understand the online commerce and internet in India
  • Prepared a business model after making a reality check with Indian conditions
  • Identified the products and services to be offered to the insurance intermediaries and directly to the consumers
  • Defined the operating model in terms of the consumers market, till new players entered the Indian insurance market
  • Identified the migration path from the offline model to the market model


The client received a detailed evaluation of the different areas of interest and the opportunities in insurance.