Creating an IT Strategy for a Finance and Audit firm


A merger of a corporate finance and audit firm had recently occurred. The client wanted to develop a unified set of systems and reporting mechanisms. Top management desired rapid growth by leveraging Information Technology. It perceived the need to review and create information systems relating to Knowledge Management, Project Management Systems and Job Management Systems. Top management requested UC to prepare an Information Technology Strategy to address these requirements. Top management also requested UC’s assistance in implementing the Information Technology Strategy.

Our Approach 

To develop and implement the IT strategy for the client, UC adopted the following approach:

  • Understood the key processes of the organisation
  • Understood and documented information requirements across all processes
  • Identified process weaknesses due to lack of Information Technology support
  • Identified 23 applications to cater to key processes including:

    1) Knowledge Management (Library, Best Practices Database, Tools and Techniques, Index of Counsel’s Opinion etc.)

    2) Execution of Services (Time Sheeting, Invoicing, Job Management)

    3) People Management Systems (Recruitment, Performance Management, Training)

    4) Reporting Systems (MIS requirements)

    5) Administrative Support Systems (Assets Management, Travel Authorisation)

  • Identified technologies to develop the required application systems
  • Reviewed the hardware, networking and communication requirements to support the Information Technology Strategy
  • Held detailed discussions with 14 prospective implementers to implement the Information Technology Strategy. Shortlisted 4 concrete proposals and selected the systems implementer in conjunction with top management
  • Prepared detailed cost estimates including cost for software, hardware and professional charges. Also prepared a detailed plan to implement the strategy


The client received a detailed IT strategy. UC also “project managed” the implementation effort for the client along with the systems implementer, and ensured that deadlines for implementation were met. UC helped implement all systems in a time frame of six months.