Information Technology Strategy for a Financial Investment Services Company


The client, a financial investment services company was into 5 business lines:

  • Advisory Services
  • Discretionary Advisory Scheme (DAS)
  • Portfolio Management Scheme (PMS)
  • Equity Broking
  • Debt Broking

The primary objective of the engagement was to develop a strong retail client base and reduce the dependence on institutional broking in the long run. In order to achieve the objective, management asked UC to design the organisation architecture and define an Information Technology Strategy.

Our Approach

To develop an Information Technology Strategy and design the organisation architecture, UC adopted the following approach:

  • Designed an organisation structure considering following parameters
    • Knowledge Management and Sharing
    • Focused Marketing Team for building retail base
    • Effective Internal and External Communication
  • Designed an Information Technology Blueprint based on the Group Ware Technology
  • Defined the detailed functionality for the following modules
    • Discretionary Advisory Scheme
    • Portfolio Management Scheme
    • Knowledge Management


UC provided the client with an organisation structure geared towards catering to the retail client base, while maintaining its strong presence in the institutional broking space. The client also received a detailed Information Technology Strategy.