Conceptualising a Healthcare Portal for a Pharmaceutical Company


The client was setting up a company with partners in the medical informatics business from UK and New Zealand. The company intended to set up a healthcare portal and a health care network service. The portal was to contain content such as electronic health records, patient management, clinical services, drug dictionaries etc. and also the associated categories/ services such as the medical conference registrations, medical products (hospital supplies, surgical equipment etc.), medico legal advice, medical insurance claims etc.

The healthcare network service was to contain the patient management systems, standard protocols for administration of medical treatment, interfaces with other entities such as pathology labs etc. The client requested UC to assist in conceptualising the portal and primary healthcare network services for the Indian market and documenting it in the form of a report that could then be presented to its business partners, venture capitalists and other stakeholders.

Our Approach 

To assist the company in conceptualising the portal for the Indian market, UC adopted the following approach:

  • Conducted background research on the medical websites and portals on the internet
  • Understood content available in the online form with the joint venture partner and defined what would be relevant to the Indian environment
  • Outlined the overall concept of a health care portal/ network
    • Defined vision of the portal/ network
    • Brand (name/image coinciding with the vision)
    • Target Audience
  • Value proposition for customers/ stakeholders (reasons for visiting, being part of the community)
  • Outlined the content that will appeal to the target audience
  • Associated services to complement the main content (seminar registrations others)
  • Defined the business model (subscription based, transaction based)
  • Prepared a high level implementation plan -
    • Implementation steps
    • Timeline
    • Organisation structure
    • Initial costs
  • Prepared an indicative revenue plan

    1) Rough cut pricing for products/ services

  • Prepare rough cut assessment of business potential
  • Prepared indicative financials


The client received a detailed implementation plan and a business model including the financials, target audience, organisation structure and an indicative rough cut for products and services.