Defining a Business Strategy to Improve the Company Operations


The company needed a defined business strategy to improve its company operations. The client requested UC to address the following questions:

  • Which sectors should the firm offer services to? Is there a niche in the recruitment market that can be addressed?
  • Should it expand its basket of services to cover other human resource related services?
  • How should it position itself in the market?
  • How should it position itself on the Internet?
  • Evaluate the option of tying up with online/ real-world/ international players to market its services?
  • How can the firm improve and standardise its operations?
  • Should the firm expand its people capital? If yes, how should they go about doing it?
  • Evaluate the introduction of information technology to augment operations.

Our Approach

To devise the business strategy, UC adopted the following approach:

  • Conducted an extensive research exercise to identify the industry trends and study the competitive scenario in India
  • Extracting strategic observations with regard to the firm’s past performance
  • A detailed analysis of 18 industries to arrive at a shortlist of attractive industries for defining the target segments for the organisation
  • Conducted a study of the existing process in terms of its business development and execute services and knowledge management
  • Streamlined processes in accordance with the industry best practices
  • Defined the processes based on the strategic incentives
  • Designed the organisation structure and defined the man power requirements
  • Defined the job descriptions, performance evaluation system and the reward systems
  • Identified information requirements at each stage of the processes
  • Recommended the relevant data structures for effective candidate and client management
  • Customised Microsoft based group ware applications to augment operations and support decision making.


The client obtained detailed insights about the industry and received an in-depth restructuring of its organisation structure.