Improving Operations and Documenting Standard Operating Procedures for a Glass Bottle Manufacturer


The client, a glass bottle manufacturer focused on the perfumery segment with its two plants in India. However, the operation and planning procedures in the plant were not adequate and clear, leading to the following issues:

  • Customer rejection due to unacceptable quality
  • Long lead time in new product development
  • Late delivery schedules
  • Inadequate mould maintenance leading.

Thus, the top management turned to UC to review the operations, identify improvement opportunities and document the same in the form of an operating procedure.

Our Approach 

Operations like quality control, planning, procurement, dispatch, marketing, new product development and plant management (covering furnace monitoring, mould and machine maintenance etc) was needed for running the plant smoothly. Thus, to improve these operations and document standard operating procedures for the client, UC adopted the following approach:

  • Introduced a dynamic system of sampling (including on-line, off-line and PDI) where acceptable quality limit for categories of defects (major and minor) could be alternated
  • Outlined staffing plan for supervisory staff requirements, especially for the last shift. UC found a shortage of supervisory staff in the plant during the last shift
  • Introduced a framework for vendor management, especially for packing materials since breakage of glass in transportation was a key issue
  • Conducted a review of mould maintenance practices to remove the impact of inefficient practices on the quality
  • Conducted a review of the overall plant management including the frequency of monitoring of the critical parameters.


Across the six key functions UC covered a total of 30 operations, which were benchmarked, improved upon, and documented as standard procedures:

  • For each of the 30 processes, UC defined the key metrics for monitoring the process and reporting the same in the form of MIS
  • Drafted an action plan to drive the implementation of recommendations.

The client incorporated the procedures and recommendations as a part of ISO.