Improving the Efficiency of Invoicing Processes, for a Third Party Logistics Player


The client, a known player in the Indian logistics industry was facing problems with its invoicing processes, such as errors in the invoices generated, a delay in the preparation and submission of invoices and multiple information technology (IT) systems resulting in difficulty of reconciliation. UC had previously assisted the client for its courier division and once again it turned to UC to provide assistance to improve the efficiency of the invoicing process.

Our Approach

In order to make the invoicing processes more efficient, UC took the following approach:

  • Interacted with the client team, customers and conducted base data analysis to understand the key issues and their root cause
  • Recommended quick hits and mid-term initiatives, spanning people, processes and technology. The key recommendations were as follow

    1) Move the invoicing to a single IT platform

    2) Update the IT system functionality and masters to reduce chances of invoicing errors

    3) Address training needs and staffing constraints

    4) Redesign the sales and branch operations process

    5) Define ready reckoner for users to facilitate invoicing

    6) Modify existing formats to capture input data


The client received a clear understanding about what should be down to reduce invoicing errors and delays in invoice generation.