Landscaping the Indian Earthmoving Industry


The top management at a leading Indian automotive OEM was considering an entry into commercial equipment segment. They wanted UC to evaluate the potential of entering the segment with a key focus on products such as backhoe loaders, excavators, cranes and dozers.

Our Approach 

UC took the following steps in assessing the industry potential:

  • Analysed current and future demand/ supply scenarios across product segments
  • Conducted in-depth interviews with end consumers, financiers, contractors, hirers, and industry experts to understand the buying behavior and economics of using the equipment. Also analysed the unmet needs across the segments
  • Analysed and profiled (including financial analysis) key competitors to understand current and future developments in the market, new product technologies and market focus
  • Short listed attractive products and target segments
  • Analysed import-export data/ trends by product segment and the impact of FTAs in India
  • Analysed key entry and exit barriers
  • Identified a set of potential JV partners across the shortlisted product categories.


The client received a greater understanding of the potential of entering the commercial equipment segment.