Identified Skill Sets and Competencies required for Key Business Processes for a Mutual Fund Registrar

Background and Challenges

The client was undergoing tremendous revenue pressure in light of intense competition and the increasing trend of dematerialization of shares. Top management wanted to restructure operations and extensively use technology to automate their processes. They believed that the skill sets and competencies required in the new environment would be significantly different. The company wanted to assess the current skill sets and competencies and assess the gaps.

Approach and Recommendations

To identify skill sets and competencies, UC adopted the following approach:

  • Understood existing operations includingbusiness objectives and current business processes within the organisation
  • The understanding of the investment habits and the practices was developed based on detailed focus interviews with peer group investment and commercial banks, brokers and NRI sample population
  • Defined the skill-sets and competencies for each process
  • Work/ Job Skills
  • Personal Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Defined a MS-Excel based skill-set definition and skill-fit rating tool


UC provided the client with a strategy to align its organisation processes to fit its strategy of competing in a changing landscape