Organisation Review and Alignment for a Large Film Distribution Company in India


The client was a 25 year old organisation engaged in the activity of procuring and distributing films across the Bombay Presidency Territory. However, the top management was facing the following challenges to scale up and grow its operations:

  • High involvement of the top management in day-to day operations, thus preventing them from being able to focus on strategic aspects of the business
  • Absence of a strong second line to manage the operations of the organisation

Overlap of responsibilities for executing work, thus impacting the productivity across the organisation

  • Absence of well-defined procedures
  • Absence of performance evaluation systems
  • Lack of adequate information technology support

Thus, the top management requested UC’s assistance in addressing key issues set out above.

Our Approach

To review the business and suggest changes to address the looming issues, UC adopted the following approach:

  • Conducted a quick review to identify improvement opportunities in the following areas
    • Hire-billing
    • Warehousing and distribution
    • Prints storage and inventory management
    • Information systems
    • Human resource policies and performance evaluation systems
    • Organisation structure
  • Redesigned and documented the process manuals for the following
    • Hire-billing
    • Warehousing and distribution
    • Media and publicity
  • Initiated evaluation and selection of bar-code solutions for tracking print and inventory movement across multiple locations
  • Designed and documented the human resource (HR) policy manual and developed a performance evaluation system
  • Developed an information technology (IT) blueprint and outlined the way forward
  • Defined an action plan to implement the recommendations


The client received a detailed implementation plan including the HR policy manual, a performance evaluation system and the IT blueprint to improve its growth and sustainability.