Organisation Review for a Software Company

Background and Challenge

The client had no clearly defined vision or values. There was an absence of a business strategy, leading to no strategic focus and a lack of clarity in the development of manpower and other resources. There was a lack of clearly documented and communicated processes, an over-dependence on one CD-ROM title and an ambiguity of roles and responsibilities. The company had a centralised way of operating, resulting in a significant involvement of the directors, at the cost of market development and growth. There was no formal evaluation and reward systems and a lack of clarity over infrastructure development. The client asked UC to conduct an organisation review for them.

Approach and Recommendations

To review the software organisation, UC took the following steps:

  • Defined the vision and values of the company by involving all employees
  • Defined various strategic initiatives that would result in growth of its business areas, with implementation plans
  • Redesigned processes and communicated the same to employees
  • Defined and communicated new organisation structures. Implemented the concept of strategic business units
  • Defined and implemented evaluation and reward systems
  • Defined infrastructure needs based on strategic plans


UC was able to implement 30 percent of the process initiatives, and another 50 percent were in progress before UC finished.