Quantifying the Market Size of Power Back Up Equipment and its Related Power Losses, for a Power Plant Solutions Company


The client, one of the significant suppliers of decentralised power plants for industries, utilities and Internet Printing Protocols (IPP) in India, requested UC to gain insights on the usage of power back up equipments across customer segments and to quantify the back up equipment related power losses.

Our Approach 

To quantify the back up equipment related power losses for the client, UC selected a mix of cities and segment of customers for evaluation based on parameters such as:

  • Frequency and duration on power outrages
  • High voltage and frequency fluctuations
  • Peak demand requirements
  • Population density and mix of customer segments (residential / commercial / others)
  • Cost of power
  • Power consumption and outage characteristics
  • Back up usage patterns etc.

Thorough primary and secondary research, UC gained insights on consumption, tariffs, outage hours, back up usage, ratings, costs, trends, key purchasing criteria, and other parameters. We synthesised findings to determine the back up unit-wise, customer-wise cumulative losses for each city


The client received a quantitative knowledge of landed cost of power and back up equipment related power losses across 22 key cities in India and an in-depth understanding of the perspectives of key stakeholders across cities and segments.