Professionalising a Film Production House

Background and Challenge

The client, a film production house was currently faced with the following issues:

  • Lack of defined business procedures and activities
  • Inefficiencies in each activity
  • Absence of effective project management systems
  • Absence of any budgeting and scheduling before production
  • Focus on people centric knowledge rather than systems centric knowledge
  • Lack of adequate information for the top management to monitor and control projects
  • Lack of focus on critical support functions like procurement, human resources, marketing and publicity, and knowledge management
  • Lack of adequate professional staff to execute projects and manage finance, administration and procurement

The top management believed that in order to effectively restructure the organisation, it needs to have an understanding of operational practices of international production houses. Thus, the top management requested UC to assist in professionalising the organisation.

Approach and Recommendations

To professionalise the organisation for the client, UC adopted the following approach in the three sectors:

  • Organisation Design

    1) Conducted exhaustive secondary research to understand the structure and functioning of Indian as well as International film production houses

    2) Recommended a new organisation structure considering the size of the organisation and its future plans

    3) Prepared job descriptions and candidate profiles for the positions in the new organisation structure

    4) Prepared a human resource policy manual and performance evaluation system for the organisation in discussion with the top management

  • Project Management

    1) Prepared a tool kit for project management. Templates were created for capturing detailed information during the three phases of pre-production, production and post-production of the film project

    2) Designed the system for preparing detailed budget and weekly cash flow plan for the project

    3) Defined the mechanism for monitoring the progress of the project and the weekly cash flow

    4) Evaluated and procured software for screen writing and scheduling, and also trained the client on the software

  • Process

    1) Redesigned the support processes of accounts payable, purchase and contracts and inventory management. Prepared standard operating procedures for the redesigned processes

    2) Evaluated the existing information technology infrastructure. Assessed the existing software on the functionality and technical robustness

    3) Evaluated packaged software and selected a mini enterprise resource planning suitable for the client


The client received a detailed plan to professionalise its organisation structure, project management and its support and IT processes.