Creating a Project Management System for a Film Distribution Company


The client was into film distribution and the set-up of multiplexes in India. They had set up one multiplex in the past and had plans to set up a few more in the western region. They experienced project timeline issues and high costs due to poor planning and coordination between various entities involved in the project. Thus, the top management requested UC to define a fool-proof project management system for its future projects.

Our Approach

To create an efficient management system for the clients projects, UC took the following steps:

  • Studied the future project plans
  • Interviewed various entities involved during the project and captured various issues
  • Defined Microsoft projects based on the project management template for the future projects
  • Defined detailed tasks
  • Defined timelines
  • Defined responsibilities
  • Linked the project management templates to various check lists defined in MS-Excel for ease of monitoring
  • Conducted a training program for the project team to manage the template/ tool and thus enable them to manage future multiplex projects


UC delivered a project management system for the client to follow in all its future projects.