Conducting a Diagnostic Review to find the Scope for Selling Bundled Services, for a Medical Equipment Maker


The client, a key player in the medical equipment market wanted to understand whether there was a potential of selling bundled services, for example, molecular imaging equipment along with agents (required to be injected to view images of functioning of organs).

Our Approach

To find the scope for selling bundled services, UC adopted the following approach:

  • Understood the penetration of advance molecular imaging techniques using Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scanners in the Indian healthcare market, and the proposition of bundling agents with diagnostic equipment
  • Interviewed the nuclear medicine and diagnostic chiefs in renowned hospitals of India, having PET installations including thought leaders who have been promoting the cause of Nuclear Medicine to understand -
    • Penetration of molecular imaging
    • Applications – diagnostic/ therapeutic
    • Agents sourcing models
    • Key buying factors.


The client received feedback that the Indian market was too nascent in advanced nuclear imaging, with limited PET installations (though high growth was expected) and the key buying factors were the quality of after sales services and prices. A bundled offering did not make for an attractive value proposition at present.