Strategic Due Diligence of a UK based Telecom Services Provider for an Indian Network Engineering Company


The client, a major player in the domestic network engineering sector for telecoms and enterprises was considering strategic acquisitions in international markets to provide market/ customer access and obtain a complimentary skills technology base. The client had identified a potential acquisition target in the telecom managed services space based in UK.

The top management requested UC to conduct a detailed strategic, financial and legal due diligence of the acquisition target.

Our Approach

To conduct a strategic due diligence for the client, UC adopted the following approach:

  • Reviewed the business model and operations of the target company
  • Interacted with the key management personnel to understand the background, strategy and intent of the target company
  • Understood the services, organisation and customer focus
  • Identified the key opportunities in the areas of -
    • Service/ skill base development
    • Access to new customers and markets
    • Provide current services in these markets and acquired skills in the domestic market
    • Leverage current infrastructure
    • Future growth potential
  • Highlighted key risks in terms of customers, contracts and people.


The client received a detailed due diligence of the potential acquisition target.