Transforming Sales Human Resources


The client is an Indian pharmaceutical multinational. The senior management at the client company believed that 70 percent of sales human resources (HR) time was spent on operational activities which resulted in a lack of focus on adding any significant value to the function. Therefore, the management at the client company asked UC to assist them in transforming sales HR processes.

Our Approach 

In order to transform the sales HR processes, UC:

  • Analysed the time spent on each of the activities in a process
  • Conducted primary research with the sales HR team to understand the following -
    • Different processes they undertake
    • Different activities within each of the processes and the amount of time spent on each
    • Sales HR functions in other companies and undertake benchmarking exercise
  • Based on the above, UC classified these activities into activities related to core functions and operational activities Redefined processes


UC provided the client with a final result by which sales HR could save 51% of the time which could be utilised in planning and development activities for the sales team.