A Leading Tyre Company wanted to assess the Market Standing of a Potential Chinese Acquisition in the China and US market


The client, a leading tyre manufacturer, was evaluating whether to acquire a Chinese tyre company that had presence in the Chinese and US markets. The client wanted to understand the market standing of the company in these markets.

Our Approach 

In order to understand the market standing of the target company in China and US, UC took the following steps:

  • UC teams in China and the US were assigned the task of conducting primary research with leading tyre dealers, end users (fleet owners) and other key tyre companies
  • The research focused on the following -
    • Analysing the market share of the acquisition target in the Chinese and the US market overall and in the various tyre segments relevant to the client
    • Understanding the trends in acceptance of Chinese tyres in the US market
    • Understanding key issues that may have been observed in regards to the products of the acquisition target and other Chinese brands in general
    • Analysing the market reputation and awareness of the brand of the acquisition target.


The client received a comprehensive study of the acquisition target, including relevant trends, issues and important details.