Aligning the Organisation of a Leading UAE Based Apparel and Lifestyle Retailer


The client, based in UAE, was one of the leading apparel and lifestyle retailers having multiple brands in its 110 stores. It also had presence through sub – franchises in locations in Middle East and Asia. The company had experienced tremendous growth over the past 2 years in terms of revenue, profits and an increase in its number of stores. The top managementof the company had further chalked out plans to increase its revenue and profit by over 100% over the next 3 years by introducing new brands, opening new stores in existing and new geographies. However, it realized that the current organisation structure was not adequate to support its growth strategy because of the unclear and undefined roles and accountabilities of the employees in the organisation. Thus UC was engaged to assist in aligning the organisation of the company with itsoverall strategy.

Our Approach 

To align the organisation structure of the client, UC adopted the following approach:

  • Identified and analysed key issues with respect to

    1)Organisation structure

    2)Gaps in the structure due to overall strategy

  • A comparison of the organisation structure with other leading multi-unit multi-brand retailers in Middle East and Europe
  • The short term and long term organisation structure was detailed for the company with job descriptions, people profiles and key performance measures for each position
  • A process-authority matrix was defined for grading
  • A definition of career progression levels across functions
  • An incentive system for support functions for frontline personnel was defined.


The client received a detailed lay out to align its organisation with its overall strategy.