Process Review for a Crop Protection and Industrial Chemicals Company


The client, a crop protection and industrial chemicals company was in the process of initiating implementation of SAP R/3 ERP. It wished to ensure a smooth implementation of the ERP. The top management approached UC for assistance during critical phases of the ERP implementation. The objective was to participate in brainstorming sessions of ‘To Be’ process definitions and providing insights into the best practices and industry benchmarks.

Our Approach 

To undertake the process review, UC adopted the following approach:

  • Participated in various brainstorming sessions with client teams and provided insights across functions
  • Conducted brainstorming sessions with top management and systems implementers on the “to-be” processes
  • Provided insights & methodologies based on best practices and past experiences
  • Provided industry benchmarks with respect to operating parameters
  • Identified key risks & shortcomings of the implementation process
  • Defined recommendations to address key risks & shortcomings.


The client received a clear understanding of the industry best practices and insights on the implementation process for Enterprise Resource Planning.