Organisational Restructuring for an Export Oriented Embroidery Firm

Background and Challenge

The client, an embroidery firm, specialising in exports of various hand embroidered products, dealt with high end international designers across Europe and North America. The client’s sales were growing rapidly and their top management felt they required a stronger operations infrastructure. The existing processes were ad-hoc and not standardised, resulting in delays of orders and a lack of focus on core designing activities.

The client therefore requested UC to conduct a review of processes and to define information technology requirements to restructure their organisation.

Approach and Recommendations

To restructure the organisation for the client, UC adopted the following approach:

  • Evaluated and streamlined the following processes and prepared formats/ management information systems reports for the same

    First Stage Sampling

    Second Stage Sampling


    2)Customer Management

    3)Materials Management

    4)Sample Archiving and Item Codification

    5)Accounts/ Human Resource

  • Reviewed the organisation structure to support the newly defined processes
  • Defined information technology requirements for software in the future
  • Undertook a process audit after the engagement to assess status of recommended changes and defined the way forward for the client


The client received an in-depth implementation plan in terms of change in its operations, processes and information technology systems.