Defining an Organisation Review for a Fabric Manufacturing Company


The client, a fabric manufacturer in India needed an organisation review to further grow its company. UC was engaged to restructure the company and provide help with the following areas:

  • Clearly defined vision and values
  • Well documented business strategy
  • Production planning and control systems
  • Formal inventory control
  • Excessive material movement
  • Clearly defined roles, responsibilities and reporting relationships
  • Adequate information systems
  • Reduce communication costs

Our Approach

To develop the organisation review of the company, UC adopted the following steps:

  • Defined the vision and values and communicated it to all employees
  • Documented the business strategy
  • Developed a production planning and control software program
  • Developed a team-based organisation structure, job descriptions, performance evaluation system and a salary structure to incorporate performance linked bonuses
  • As a part of the organisation structure, a planning and stores group was formed for production planning and stores control
  • Upgraded LAN systems at Mumbai and Panipat facilities
  • E-mail facilities setup to reduce communication costs by 15%
  • Layout changes were implemented in the factory to drive the focused factory concept.


The client received a complete organisation review of the company with clear definitions and understanding of the documented organisation structure.