Business Reengineering for a Jewellery Retailing Company


The client, a jewellery retailer was faced with many challenges within its organisation. It turned to UC with the following issues:

  • Absence of clearly defined vision and values leading to low levels of ownership among the employees
  • Mismatch between customer requirements and products displayed leading to lost sales (20% of annual sales)
  • Declining customer service and overall poor quality of shopping experience
  • Absence of appropriate ordering practices
  • Sub-optimal utilisation of contractors and factory resources leading to procurement delays
  • Low morale of employees across the organisation leading to high employee turnover
  • Absence of a clear career growth plan among frontline sales staff and non-defined job responsibilities across the organisation
  • Absence of documented standard operating procedures
  • Poor cash management systems resulting in inability to optimise cash flow
  • Lack of Information Systems to support transaction processing and decision making across the organisation
  • Perceptible gap between employees and owners.

Our Approach

To restructure the organisation, UC adopted the following approach:

  • Defined the vision and values for the company and set-up ‘Employee Recognition Awards’
  • Initiated improvement of overall customer service through redesign of processes and redesigned the customer feedback system to capture relevant information
  • Developed a competitor tracking system
  • Prepared quality manual with guidelines in order to reach zero-defect ornaments
  • Identified non-moving inventory and developed systems to reduce non-moving inventory and also defined stocking norms and optimal product mix for each department to maximise sales
  • Developed a system to effectively manage karigars (craftsmen)
  • Re-defined organisation structure and made diamond and gold sections responsible for the profit generated
  • Prepared job descriptions and a performance evaluation system
  • Redesigned rewards system based on the evaluation systems
  • Initiated cash flow and budgeting systems to manage financial resources
  • Prepared MIS reports based on ‘Key Performance Measures’ across the organisation
  • Prepared an Information Technology blueprint and initiated implementation.


Following UC’s recommendations, the client was able to restructure their organisation into a more effective and employee friendly organisation.