Designing a Growth Strategy for a Professional Kitchen Systems Service Provider Based in Thailand


The client was engaged in supplying professional kitchen infrastructure along with consulting, design and after sales services across the globe. The client requested UC to evaluate the feasibility of its expansion plans in India.

Our Approach

To develop a growth strategy for the client, UC adopted the following approach:

  • To segment the industry based on multiple pivots, UC conducted in-depth discussions with over 80 industry stakeholders:
    • Developers / Builders
    • Operators
    • Contractors (KEC)
    • Consultants
  • UC mapped the prevalent models of project execution adopted by various sets of developers across key hotel segments. The evolution of various models of project execution were mapped to depict the likely method of project execution in the future
  • A final segmentation based on the intersection of the developer set (practicing a specific project execution model) and brand was defined to identify uniqueness of requirements and decision making across kitchen projects in the hotels and resorts segment
  • A similar exercise was undertaken to evaluate flight service kitchen and modular kitchen segments
  • The size of each segment was estimated to determine the attractiveness of the same to the client. Key players dominating each of the identified segments were mapped along with their unique selling propositions
  • Conducted discussions with key customers and influencers to understand their perception about the products and services of the client vis-à-vis other players.


The client received a realistic assessment of the addressable market potential and was provided with a three staged growth plan to expand its share in the Indian market with estimated revenue.